Your Guide to Instagram Stories: Measuring What Matters

Learn how to engage with your Instagram audience in a more authentic way. 
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What's In the eBook?

In this e-Book we will guide you through all the ways you can increase your Instagram reach and engagement using Instagram Stories. Some valuable ideas will be highlighted on how to connect with your followers in a more authentic way and turn them into lifelong customers.


Instagram stories are a great new tactic used by most businesses to humanize and add transparency to your business. This guide will give you top campaign ideas to make your brand speak to your customers through videos and images.
Coming up with new ways to drive traffic to your websites through social media is becoming more competitive? In the aim of helping you measure how successfull you are at represting your business via Instagram stories, we will give you some advanced metrics, to help improve your visual strategy.
How do Instagram stories let you know more about your target audience? We will pull out the tricks from the hat and get you marketing your products using new Instagram story assets to your full advantage.You will be down with the new digital trends in no time!

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1

Why Instagram Stories Are Worth the Effort

Chapter 3

Importance of Tracking Your Instagram Story Metrics

Chapter 2

How To Use Instagram Stories to your Advantage

Chapter 4

Using Advanced Instagram Stories Metrics