Social Media Planning for Professionals with Sked Social

Learn how to effectively plan and manage your social media strategy from ideation to publish.
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Social Media Planning for Professionals

What's In the eBook?

To help you manage social media marketing more effectively, we’ve created a simple plan to optimize your social media marketing strategy. This includes optimizing your processes with an all-in-one social media platform, but one that caters specifically to professionals.

Content plans, emails, project management systems, track changes… Things become messy, fast. Especially if you manage many accounts. But what if we told you that managing social media didn’t have to be difficult. And that you could complete the whole process in 30 minutes or less every day.
Whether it’s acknowledging the original source of the image, the influencer in the photo, where it’s from or products customers could buy – tags are an important way in which Instagram accounts see higher reach, engagement, and action.
Your social media campaigns need to make your followers stop dead in their tracks and spark immediate reactions—engagement is the name of the game and your key to Instagram success depends on it.

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1

Content Planning & Curation - Mastering Your Workflow

Chapter 2

Caption Essentials - Speedy Writing & Scheduling

Chapter 3

User, Product & Location Tagging - Boosting Reach, Sales & Engagement

Chapter 4

Instagram Story Image & Video Scheduling Made Easy

Chapter 5

Collaboration and Reporting Made Easy

Chapter 6

Content Inspiration: Take a look at top performing social campaigns and see what you can use in your work-life!