Planoly Alternative Instagram Scheduler - Sked Social
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Planoly Alternative Instagram Scheduler - Sked Social

Does Planoly Provide You With Visual Marketing Tools to Simplify Your Workflow?

Manage your entire Instagram workflow. Create, edit, and optimize all of your content within Sked Social, meaning you have fewer apps and programs to deal with.With Planoly, you have to edit and optimize your content before uploading.
Simplify Your Instagram Workflow

Can Planoly Schedule Hashtags in the First Comment of an Instagram Post?

Sked Social helps you create simple, easy-to-read captions by allowing you to post your hashtags in the first comment of each post. Planoly doesn’t offer first-comment scheduling, so you’d have to place them in your caption or return to Instagram after posting to put them in the first comment.
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Planoly Alternative Instagram Scheduler - Sked Social
Planoly Alternative Instagram Scheduler - Sked Social

Can Planoly Add Location, User and Product Tags to Instagram Posts?

Sked Social makes it easy to tag locations or users in your posts. Tagging locations, users and products can lead to huge increases in engagement - up to 30%. With Planoly, you have to go back into the Instagram app to edit and add locations or users to your posts.
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Can Planoly Schedule Carousel Posts and Videos?

Sked Social offers carousel posts and Instagram video scheduling. Carousels and videos are becoming some of the most popular post types for users. With Planoly, you have to post these by hand manually.
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Planoly Alternative Instagram Scheduler - Sked Social
Planoly Alternative Instagram Scheduler - Sked Social

Multiple Accounts

Easily switch between and schedule content for multiple accounts. Perfect for agencies, freelancers, influencers and global brands.
Planoly Alternative Instagram Scheduler - Sked Social


Analytics that let you monitor, track and optimise your Instagram campaigns (and your competitor’s too!)
Planoly Alternative Instagram Scheduler - Sked Social

Unlimited Users

Add your coworkers and collaborators at no additional cost.

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Sked Social has improved my organization and time management. I can set all my posts for the week in one sitting and not have to worry about uploading posts manually every few hours.

Max Bouzinov Pavlovich Music Recording & Production

Planoly App Alternative Review Max Bouzinov
Sked Social has allowed our social media team to more effectively create storylines and arcs that coordinate with our marketing team through its engaging layout and useful planning tools. We love the calendar that allows us to visually see our Instagram posts over the entire month!

Samantha Lin 360 Painting

Planoly App Alternative Review Samantha Lin
Trying to manage other clients and your own social media is hard, as a new digital marketer, I found Sked Social to be by far the best tool I have found in social media marketing.

Alex Valencia JGA Creative Cloud

Planoly App Alternative Review JGA