Looking For A Robust Instagram Analytics App?

We get it. Your content creation cycle leaves little time for analyzing. 

So, here at Sked (formerly Schedugram), we've made it as easy as possible to measure your Instagram marketing results.

Thanks to measurements such as post-by-post perfomance, follower growth, average engagement, likes, clicks and more, you'll be well-equipped to sharpen your strategy and prove the ROI of your content. 

Plus, launching soon, Sked users can also keep a close eye on their competitors' Instagram strategy with the insightful Competitor View.

Spot trends in their content, learn from their mistakes and stay ahead of the game—thanks to Sked's easy-to-read dashboard. 

Are you ready to make the move to an Instagram analytics app that has it all?


4 Reasons Why Brands Like Yours Need An Instagram Analytics App

Gaining insights into your posts, videos, carousels, stories and competitors with a robust analytics app.

  1. Actionable Insights For Positive Change
    Quickly spot which parts of your strategy are performing best with valuable measures such as follower growth, post performance, average engagement, likes, and clicks.

  2. Post-By-Post Performance Breakdown
    Unlock your true Instagram potential with post-by-post analysis of your feed. Forget about manually tracking post types, captions, likes, comments and engagement rates.

  3. Competitor Analysis
    Always be one step ahead of your competitors’ Instagram marketing efforts with a Competitor View — learn from their successes and failures for the best Instagram strategy in your field. 

  4. Reporting, Simplified & Ready To Go
    Be sure to share your Instagram results the easy way, with PDF/CSV downloads.

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How To Choose the Best Instagram Analytics App 

Robust Analytics For Maximum Insight

Don't waste time creating content that doesn't engage your followers. A good Instagram analytics app will be able to measure how well your content is doing down to every detail so you can create more of what your followers love. 

Short & Long Term Views

Compare and contrast your content's performance across weeks, months or even days to test and measure what approach delivers the best engagement with your followers. 

Post By Post Analysis

Don't waste time tracking your post analytics manually. Your Instagram analytics app should deliver a post-by-post analysis that doesn't leave you guessing about your content's performance.  

Quick & Easy-To-Read Reports

Choose an Instagram analytics apps that makes reporting your results as quickly and easy as possible. Your chosen solution should work for you, not against you, to deliver readable reports for your entire team, in either CSV or PDF. 


Sked's Instagram Analytics App Can Do All The Above and More...


Sked (formerly Schedugram) was recently named a "High Performer," on the peer-to-peer review site G2 Crowd.

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Why Choose Sked to Monitor Your Instagram Analytics

Easy-To-Read Instagram Analytics App

Sked’s Instagram Analytics dashboard allow users to quickly draw insights thanks to its clear graphs and friendly user-interface. No math degree required.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 03.00.45


An Overview Layout That Speaks Volumes

Sked’s Overview tab gives users the freedom to quickly analyze how their content is doing throughout the week, month or year.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 02.56.04


All The Metrics You Need

Sked's Instagram Analytics provides a look into increases and dips of vital metrics such as follower and following count; average likes, engagement, comments and more.



Detailed Instagram Post Metrics

Leave your individual post metrics up to Sked thanks to its detailed table overview that compares the performance of your recent posts. Quickly compare your Instagram post captions, likes, comments, as well as engagement rates, all in one go.

Instagram Analytics App - Sked


Export Data To CSV Or PDF For Easy Reports

Save your team even more time by quickly exporting your Instagram data. And send easy-to-read social media metrics to stakeholders and clients at the click of a button, in convenient CSV or PDF formats.



Flexible Reporting Timeframes

Create weekly, monthly and quarterly reports within seconds thanks to Sked’s flexible Instagram Analytics App.

Instagram Analytics App - Sked

Track Your Competition (Coming Soon)

Soon, users will also have the chance to see what works, or doesn’t for their competitors, using the Competitors tab in Sked's dedicated Instagram Analytics App.

Are you ready to start analyzing your Instagram posts?

If you want more insights into your content's performance, then it’s time to make the switch to Sked, an all-in-one social media scheduling tool that exceeds your standards. 

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