Collaboration Made Simple

Sked's new Collaboration tools are here! Whether you need to make last-minute edits, get approval for new posts or gather ideas from coworkers - we've got you covered ✨

Email us to get access (Agency & Enterprise plans only) 

Schedule Instagram Posts Automatically - Schedugram

Create Workflows that Work for Your Business

Create a workflow that meets your needs. You can now comment, edit, approve and reject posts - all within one easy-to-use interface. Sked Collaboration is flexible and adapts to your established workflows 

Get the Whole Team Involved

New Collaboration tools allow team members to add in their feedback and comments to pending posts as they travel through your custom approval workflow.  Every part of the journey is adaptable and can be tailor-made to your exact needs
Schedule Instagram Posts Automatically - Schedugram
Schedule Instagram Posts Automatically - Schedugram

Send for External Approval

If you work with freelancers or clients, you can create an external approval link to get comments from reviewers who may not be Sked users. This means even the folks who aren't working in Sked all the time (like you are), can add their input, making sure everyone's on the same page 

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