Looking For the Best Carousel Instagram App?

There's nothing like an Instagram carousel to make your products shine, but finding an app that can create, schedule and post them directly to Instagram can be a struggle.

At Sked (formerly Instagram), we understand that single image posting just doesn’t cut it. Many apps claim to do it all, but few actually do.

From Instagram carousels to videos, images, IG Story updates, and social media management across Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (coming soon), Sked places your visual marketing needs first by giving you real scheduling freedom across your social media channels. 

Sked meets your visual marketing needs by delivering a full-featured scheduler that allows you to schedule and post your carousels directly to Instagram and Facebook. 

So if you’re looking for a Carousel Instagram App, then look no further.


Instagram Carousel App - Sked


Why Choose Sked?

The ideal Instagram carousel app goes beyond scheduling. Here's how to choose an app that saves you time and headaches, by simplifying your social media workflow. 

  1.  Direct-post your Instagram carousel: Single post scheduling and carousel post notifications just don't cut it these days.  A good carousel app doesn't only post photos but your videos and IG stories automatically too.

  2. Queue your Instagram carousel: Creating your carousels can take long enough already, so look for an app that allows you to set-it-and-forget-it with predetermined publishing times for when your followers are most likely to engage with your content.

  3. Instagram carousel tagging: Need to know what content really drives traffic to your site. With Sked's Link-in-bio tracking, you'll know the who, what and where of your followers' traffic flow.  

  4.  A picture-perfect layout: With Sked's Visual Planner, you and your team can make that dream visual profile into reality with an Instagram scheduler that works for you! Build your aesthetics by plotting posts in draft, scheduled or queued mode. The results can be seen or analyzed with your team and then approved.

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What Should an Instagram Carousel App Be Capable of

Visual Planning For A Crafted Instagram Feed & Story

A visual planner that helps you map out your Instagram grid to deliver a feed that attracts followers and increases engagement.

Optimization Features To Boost Engagement

Increase your brand exposure with unmatched tagging capabilities! Tag users and products to get more likes, comments, and followers, and add locations to your posts so potential customers can find you using search. 

Direct Publishing For All Your Content Types

Plan schedule, and direct post all of your content. And we mean, all of it! Whether your audience wants more videos, carousels, or IG Stories, you deserve the freedom to post content that drives the highest engagement.


Sked Social Does All The Above and More...


Sked (formerly Schedugram) was recently named a "High Performer," on the peer-to-peer review site G2 Crowd.

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Here's Why You Need Sked?

Direct Publishing for Carousels & Videos

Your fans want all the content they can get! So, why limit your scheduled content to images like other apps? Go ahead, post your carousels and videos to Instagram. We've got you covered!

Not Just For Instagram, Post Carousels To Facebook Too

Looking to post your Instagram carousel to Facebook too? With Sked's all-in-one social media scheduling capabilities, you can upload your carousel once and set it to be published to Instagram and Facebook at the same time. 

Tag While You Post 

Whether you’re an e-commerce store looking to simplify your product tagging, or an agency managing multiple accounts, Sked’s tagging provides the most native Instagram scheduling options. Tag users, products, and locations during scheduling, saving time and maximizing your posts impressions and driving more people to your product pages.


A Visual Planner For Your Carousels

When it comes to Instagram, it’s all about the visual experience. Leave your old Instagram carousel app behind and grow your followers and your influence.

With a visual planner that helps you craft a feed that begs to be followed by testing different layouts, developing your own unique aesthetic, and giving your grids that all important ‘wow factor’.


Schedule Your Carousels With Queue

Get your content scheduled automatically by setting recurring posting times. Reach your audience worldwide by setting posting times for any hour. No annoying notifications, just set it and forget it.


Measure Your Carousel's Performance

Leave the number crunching up to us! Quickly spot which Instagram carousels are performing best with our new analytics dashboard that automatically measures follower growth, post performance, average engagement, likes, clicks and more.

And soon, you can always be one step ahead of your competition with our Competitor View — learn from their successes and failures for the best Instagram strategy in your field.


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