Social Media Schedulers That Auto Post To Instagram

When you first begin using social media, managing and optimizing your content isn’t very time-consuming. However, as your brand grows, you get more followers and need to create more content, your visual marketing workflow can become an unmanageable task.

Social Media growth is a great thing and with it comes the need to organize and auto-post your content. That's where an all-in-one social media scheduler comes in handy.

However, there are several social media scheduling tools that range from free to hundreds of dollars a month, and many fall short on their claims. 

To help you choose the best social media workflow tool that auto-posts to Instagram, we’ve compiled a list of the most essential features you'll need to make managing multiple Instagram accounts a breeze.


Auto-Publishing to Instagram Shouldn't Be So Stressful

If you’ve finally had enough of social media management tools not auto-posting to Instagram, then it’s time to make the switch to an application that gives your team the freedom to break free from their phones.

  1. Rich content posting: Auto post your videos, carousels, images and Stories to Instagram using an easy-to-use bulk scheduler that simplifies your social media marketing workflow like never before. And that's not all! Do double duty by posting directly to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

  2. IG Story Posting: Auto-posting your Instagram stories should be a reality by now! Create and schedule all the content your fans crave thanks to Stories scheduling and a powerful photo editor that mimics native Instagram stickers and text.

  3. Auto Post First Comment Craft and schedule neat and optimized captions with the help of a first-comment scheduling feature for Instagram. Auto post all of your hashtags neatly within the first comment while you schedule your posts in bulk.

  4. Queue Times:  A good Instagram auto poster should enable teams to "Queue" content and create unique posting schedules for individual Instagram accounts. Choose the best times to post, and reclaim your weekends by automatically scheduling your content to be deployed when your audience is most likely to engage with your posts.

 Sked Social Queue Settings - Auto post to Instagram

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What Top Social Media Scheduling Tools Are Made Of

Auto Post All of Your Visual Marketing Content

Don't be held back by social media tools that don't let you post videos, carousels or Stories directly to Instagram.

Notification Free Scheduling And Posting

Leave those publishing notifications behind. Sked Social truly lets you set it and forget it from your desktop, saving you and your team time to focus on doing what you're best at. 

Auto Post Hashtags, Tag Users, Locations And Products

Content is king but without the right optimization tools your ROI will do nothing but plummet. Choose an Instagram scheduling tool that hosts advanced, native Instagram features such as user, location and product tagging.


"Game-Changer For Instagram Marketing"


High Performer in the Social Media Marketing Software Category

Sked Social was recently named a "High Performer," on the peer-to-peer review site G2 Crowd.

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Why Choose Sked Social?

What makes Sked Social (formerly Schedugram) the best option for businesses, brands and enterprises of all sizes?

Sked was built from the ground up to meet all of your Instagram marketing needs.

Where other systems fail to provide all the native-Instagram features you need, Sked takes care of the little (but critical) details:

— Direct Instagram posting for videos, carousels, and IG Story

 Visual planning

— Robust analytics

— First-comment scheduling

— Product, location and user tagging

It regularly ranks as a top social media management and scheduling tool for e-commerce brands, agencies and enterprises that delivers unmatched auto post to Instagram features. 

Here are six reasons why Sked is the top choice for managing your Instagram marketing needs.

1. Auto Post Instagram Videos & Carousels

Auto Post To Instagram videos and carousels - Sked

Whether you're sharing video content, carousels/slideshows, or photos, you can schedule once across all of your channels and save yourself hours per week. Skip the restrictive posting capabilities of other tools with our rich post scheduler that publishes your content across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter (coming soon).  

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2. Auto Post To Instagram Story

Instagram photo editor - auto post to Instagram with Sked social

Sked's scheduling capabilities extend to Instagram Stories too! Give fans the content that they want, increase engagement and reach even more people than ever before by scheduling your Instagram Story images and videos— and don’t forget to insert a link back to your site!

Learn more about IG Story scheduling »

3. Auto Post Instagram Locations, People & Products

Product tagging - auto post to Instagram with Sked social

Whether you’re an e-commerce store looking to simplify your product tagging, or an agency managing multiple accounts, Sked's tagging features provide the most native Instagram scheduling options available. Tag users, products, and locations to save time, maximize engagement and drive more people to your product pages.

Learn more about product tagging »

4. Auto Post To Instagram And Plan With Visual Planner

Instagram visual planner - auto post to Instagram with Sked social

Don't let your visual experience slide! There's no better way to auto post to Instagram than with a visual planner that helps you craft a feed a beautiful feed. Test different layouts, stick to your aesthetic, and create that ‘wow factor’ your brand deserves.

Learn more about visual planning »

5. Auto Publish To Instagram Using Queue

Sked social queue settings - auto post to Instagram

Let Sked auto post to Instagram for you using our convenient Queue feature. Simply set your recurring posting times and easily reach your audience worldwide.

Learn more about visual planning »

6. Schedule Hashtags in Your First Comment

Schedule hashtags in first comment - auto post to Instagram with Sked social

Thought it wasn't possible to schedule hastags and descriptions within your first comment? Unlike other platforms, Sked lets you schedule a first comment, which gives you plenty of room to add the maximum number of hashtags in a clean and organized manner. 

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